Intermec CK71 EN

Intermec CK71




  • 12% smaller and lighter than leading devices in the ultra-rugged class
  • Superior computing performance and application response time
  • Industry’s fastest and farthest imaging engines delivering superior motion tolerance and barcode read range
  • Exceptional peripheral support and quick change snap-on accessories provide versatility for every distribution environment
  • On-board diagnostics and INcontrol Managed Services provide device health visibility
  • Advanced power and battery management technologies extend device run time and reduce expense of replacement batteries
  • Dual band 802.11n radio for pervasive wireless coverageNon-Incentive options for hazardous locations


• FlexDock modular docking system
• Vehicle dock and holder
• Snap-on adaptors
• Removable scan handle
• Magnetic stripe reader

Standard Configuration :
• Integrated Camera Option: 5-Megapixel autofocus color camera with LED flash
• Accelerometer: Embedded accelerometer enables automatic or application-specific features such as screen rotation or system suspend
• Digital Compass: Integrated, independent digital compass provides directional information
• Integrated Bluetooth® Class II, Version 2.1 EDR


• 8.9cm (3.5in) Transmissive VGA
• 480 x 640 pixels
• 65,536 (16 bit RGB) Colors
• High-Durability Touch Screen
• LEDBacklight
• Ambient Light Sensor


Drop Survival : 1.8m (6 ft) to concrete, across operating temperature range, per MIL-STD 810G 2000 one-meter tumbles
Electrostatic Discharge : /- 15 kV air discharge; /- 8 kV direct discharge
Environmental Protection : Rain & Dust Resistance: IP67
Humidity : Relative Humidity: Non-condensing, 95%
Operating Temperature : -20° C to 60° C (-4° F to 140° F)
Recharging Temperature : 5° C to 35° C (41° F to 95° F)
Storage Temperature : -30° C to 70° C (-22° F to 158° F)


• Numeric with function keys
• Alphanumeric
Both keypad options feature hard keycaps with laser-etched legends.

Memory and Storage

Flash ROM : 1 GB Flash (Approximately 800 MB available)
Memory/Storage Extensions : Customer-accessible micro-SD slot for removable memory cards up to 32 GB
RAM Memory : 512 MB RAM (approximately 384 MB available)


Multi-Processor Architecture: Texas Instruments® OMAP 1 GHz multi-engine processor architecture

Operating System

Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5

Physical Characteristics

Height : 5.0 cm (1.98 in)
Length : 23.7 cm (9.33 in)
Width : 8.0 cm (3.16 in)
Weight : 584 g (19.75 oz) with battery


Battery Capacity : 3.7 V, 5200 mAh
Battery Type/Supply : Li-Ion, removable, rechargeable


Application Development:
Intermec Developer Library:

Apps and Components:
• VERDEX (Imaging-based data extraction and verification)
• eMDI (Mobile Document Imaging)
• Intermec Client Pack (Terminal Emulator/Browser)

Data Management:
• Skynax® Mobile Communications

Smart Systems Support :
Device Management: Intermec SmartSystems™ support includes ScanNGo provisioning for use alone or with device management software from Intermec ISVs
Device Health Monitoring: Remote access requires SmartSystem Management option

Scan Engine Options

EV12 linear Imager with laser-like aimer; Capable of scanning 1D barcodes at standard range.

EA30 high performance motion-tolerant 2D Imager; white LED illumination; red laser aimer optimized for all lighting conditions; Capable of scanning all common 1D and 2D barcodes; 1D as small as 5 mil; PDF as small as 6.6 mil; Data Matrix as small as 7.5 mil; and standard UPC codes from distances up to 33 cm (13 in).

EX25 near/far 2D Imager; Capable of scanning 1D and 2D barcodes from 15.2 cm to 15.2 m (6 in to 50 ft).



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